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PCP deals at

Business owners mulling over the best way of organising a vehicle fleet for their business have many factors to consider, including cost, maintenance issues and employee benefits.

For many, a personal contract purchase (PCP) deal will prove to be the wisest option, and there are many advantages when opting for this model.

PCP deals from providers such as offer a clear, fixed pricing scheme, which means you know the amount you will be paying each month. This can be an advantage in the budgeting process.

In terms of the deposit which is usually required for a PCP deal - this is usually kept to a minimum. There are also pros in terms of flexibility - at firms which like to offer their employees a generous benefits package, a change in their company car every few years can be highly desirable. This is a lot more easily achieved under the terms of a PCP deal than if you have bought your fleet outright.

The same ability to make things easier can be seen when it comes to maintenance. PCP deals often include maintenance as part of the package - whether it be a basic regular service or the 24/7 management of a vehicle over the duration of the deal.

Get in touch with the team here at to find out more about our fantastic PCP deals.

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