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6th Aug 2020 - We are open for business order your 2020 registration car with discounted- new- If you would like a Zoom appointment please let our staff know to arrange this.

Finance methods explained


Personal Contract Purchase or PCP as it is sometimes known is another flexible way to finance the vehicle of your choice, offering motoring at a fixed cost - so that you know, each month, exactly what you are paying out . You can choose the car and the contract that suits your needs. You decide the type of vehicle you ideally want, how long you want to keep it for and your approximate anticipated mileage. After this period, you can either pay the pre-agreed 'balloon' payment - which is based on the expected future value of the vehicle - and keep the car, or simply hand it back. Its simple and there are no catches


This is the traditional method of funding a new vehicle; it is a straight forward finance agreement where title for the vehicle passes to you when all payments have been made. After you have paid an initial payment (deposit), the balance of the purchase price, plus charges are repaid over a fixed period by fixed monthly payments.


Personal Contract Hire or PCH as it is sometimes knownis a new product that has been designed for you if you are potentially opting out of a company car scheme and have a company car allowance or just want fixed cost motoring. PCH is a budget friendly alternative to other traditional funding methods such as a personal loan or hire purchase agreements. You can get your vehicle without the need for a large deposit; you simply contract hire the car with a pre-arranged mileage allowance for a fixed period and at the end, hand it back to the finance company.

To help you plan your budget costings further you can include a full maintenance package; this can include servicing, general repairs, replacement tyres and road fund license. This only leaves you to sort out your vehicle insurance and fuel costs. Please be aware that if you are using the car for business use you will need to notify your insurance company.

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