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6th Aug 2020 - We are open for business order your 2020 registration car with discounted- new- If you would like a Zoom appointment please let our staff know to arrange this.

Frequently asked questions

Scrappage scheme has now ended and is no longer available for customers

Vat increases to 20% on the 1st January 2010 from 17.5%, if your vehicle is delivered by the 31st December 2010 you can purchase it with only 17.5% Vat saving you hundreds of pounds

Number plate recognition as follows:-


1st March to the 31st August – “10 Plate” and 1st September to the 28th February2011 “60 plate”


1st March to the 31st August – “11 Plate” and 1st September to the 28th February 2012 “61 plate”


1st March to the 31st August – “12 Plate” and 1st September –to the 28th February 2013 “62 plate”

Do you offer anything else other than discounted new cars?

Discounted new cars is our core focus also offer a wide variety of finance packages, with over 15 different funders at our disposal, you can take comfort in the knowledge we will offer you the best package to suit you. You are under no obligation to take the package; we would just like to give you a comparison so you can make an informed decision.

With over 50 years experience, you can feel safe in the knowledge the sales team can give you all the expert information you need to make sure that the brand new car you are buying is the right one for you.

If you require a certain car, then with our extensive network of dealers you can be assured we will do our best in finding the right car for you.

You are cheaper than my local dealer why?

As we do not have a single franchise agreement with any manufacturer, it means we are not tied to any one manufacturer and can offer our customers any make or model they require at a discounted price. We also do not have multi million pound showrooms to maintain which equal large overheads, so we can sell the vehicles cheaper because we are not passing our showroom costs on to you.

What if the delivery of my vehicle is delayed?

We have a designated department who will be in touch with you every step of the way and if there is a delay due to manufacturer or a port strike or a transport strike in the country the vehicle is built then you will be advised immediately. would like to assure you that this happens very rarely, yet it could happen. If it does we will try and accommodate you as best we can.

Is there a better price to be had if I pay cash?

Unfortunately not, it is not like the good old days when cash was king, we work to a margin that makes you feel satisfied you have received the best deal on your brand new car

Can I part exchange my vehicle?

Yes you can and the simple and effective way it happens is, offers you a price, subject to you accepting the price, your brand new car is delivered and take your old one away – how simple is that?

How much deposit will I have to put down?

For vehicles up to £20,000 the deposit is £500 and for vehicles above £20,000 it is £1000.

If you are having a specific vehicle built with extras in excess of £10,000 then the deposit is £3000.

Will my new car have a full manufacturers’ warranty?

Yes from the point your vehicle is registered the manufacturer’s warranty will begin, giving you peace of mind, also, if a manufacturer offers a recovery package, then you will also benefit from that as well.

My new car breaks down or has a problem what do I do?

You call on 0333 222 4388 and we will have your issue resolved quickly and efficiently with minimum inconvenience to you.
If we are unavailable to speak to, then simply call directory enquiries or visit the manufacturers website to locate your nearest dealer and they will assist, all we ask is if the latter occurs please call us so we can follow up on the issue on your behalf.

Do I have to collect my new car or will you deliver it?

We deliver free of charge to anywhere in mainland England and Wales, some parts of Scotland are also included in the free delivery, please ask for details.

Is it a UK car?

Yes it is, we do not even know where to buy imports from, all cars are UK supplied.

How do I pay?

There are a variety of ways to pay, we always advise you to pay the deposit on a debit or credit card so that you are protected under section 75 of the consumer credit act, so that should anything untoward happen you will not lose a single penny of your money.

If you pay £500 on a credit card then the rest (e.g. £12,000) by bank transfer, if anything happens to the company, you can still reclaim ALL the money back under section 75. i.e. YOU ARE PROTECTED

In today’s climate there are unfortunate circumstances that do happen, if a Bank can go under then so can a small company, however, it is important to state that our owners have been in business in the motor industry for over 50 years together. However, we like to advise you so that you are protected should the unfortunate happen.

I’ve ordered, what happens now?

You receive an email from our administration department thanking you for your business and providing you with a point of contact up until the delivery of your brand new car.

You will also receive a deposit receipt and invoice to your home address.

Once your vehicle is ready for delivery you will be given a minimum of 3 days notice so that we can arrange delivery of your brand new car.

Finance Information

Do you offer finance?

Yes we do

See our Finance section to see the different packages that are available for you.

Do you offer a maintenance package so I am not hit with yearly bills?

Yes we do, please mention this to your sales advisor when you call to enquire/order and he/she will be able to provide you with a quote.

What is the consumer credit act that is mentioned on your site?

It is an act that covers the finance agreement introduced by the government for purchasers so that you are protected should a dispute arise. I.e. The finance agreement when completed has requirements that must be satisfied by law

Im getting made redundant or I’m off work ill what happens?

There are a variety of different levels of cover available for you, when you speak to us we will point you in the right direction as to where you can get the information and policy to protect you.

Where do I apply for finance?

Speak to one of our advisors and they will take you through the proposal process.

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